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About Us

My Brother's Keeper of Bethesda (MBKoB) is based on the belief that everyone deserves a second chance, especially if they have children. Our entire team is committed to meeting the needs of the unemployed, particularly if they are homeless, by achieving the highest percentage of employment for them. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and demonstrate how your donation has helped these homeless people become tax-paying citizens again.

MBKoB is a 501(c)3 public charity with the primary mission of assisting the homeless in their search for gainful employment through the Job Recovery Program (JRP). The key points of JRP are listed below:

MBKoB will solicit registration from businesses which are having difficulty and will send them help, either in the form of employees or in the form of customers. The program will create jobs directly by hiring any unemployed at minimum wage. The newly employed worker would then report to any needy establishment struggling due to the pandemic. These establishments may have applied for government aid. The object is to help small businesses at risk of shutting down altogether. We desire to send to those establishments the same workers they laid off, now being paid minimum wage by MBKoB. Hopefully, as the economy improves, the establishment then would remove itself from the IRS needy list and would be expected to hire directly the workers they originally dismissed, but now working for MBKoB. Once hired back by their former employer, then these employees would be removed from the MBKoB payroll. Under special circumstances, MBKoB will extend to homeless people the following additional assistance: clothing and footwear to report to work. The program is also designed to create jobs indirectly by providing customers to ailing establishments so that the increase in volume of business can stimulate growth, resulting in the creation of jobs. This indirect approach will send customers to businesses struggling to survive this pandemic period. For example, if an optometrist is losing his/her patients as a result of the pandemic, MBKoB will pay for the optometric care of the poor. These poor will qualify either because of homelessness or because of unemployment caused by the pandemic. These poor will be given a list of providers to chose from to give that optometrist an opportunity to stay in business, while at the same time, providing a service for the poor. The optometrist would be expected to reduce his/her profit margin when dealing with the poor.  And, by virtue of the increase in business volume, it is hoped that the optometrist would then begin to hire help. In turn, this will create jobs for the economy.



Board of Directors

Mr. William Baker - President and CEO

Ms. Mabintou Timite - Vice President

Mrs. Robin Beth Baker - Secretary and Treasurer

Mr. Mark Mendizabal - Director

Mr. Prasad Dasari - Director

Mr. George Respeto - Director

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